nother havin' fun

2:25 PM

november 26 2010, that was an amazing day
i never felt like that before
that was my first time went to a music concert 'archoustic' with my boyf
the Trees and the Wild and Mocca as guest star,
i love ttatw and mocca much
i was very exciting for this, coz i'll attend this with isan, also i have curious with the trees and the wild live performance
dan ternyata CADASS ABEZZ performnya ttatw
and isan going crazy with charita utamy, ttatw's backing vocal -____-
ahh saya juga suka sama iga massardi <3

when mocca on stage we sing along all that songs
hahhaa kaya remaja yg baru aja jadian :)
anyhow, I LOVE THAT NIGHT !!
thank you arina isan <3
we 've to try nother sumthing fun

the trees and the wild

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