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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aries VS Scorpio

My dearest so called best friend,
See, menulis namamu saja saya belum fasih, apakah saya layak mendapatkan gelar sahabat darimu, kawan?
You and I, make a great team.
Zodiac says Aries worst enemies are Scorpio, and vice versa. But that doesn’t apply to us. We never fight. Not once. As long as I can remember.
We tolerate, negotiate, take and give. Fights are for babies. We’re two woman growing up, who has the same goals and dreams.
You taught me the simplest thing in life. Beeing loyal and royal to surroundings.
Aku. Tipe orang yang mudah dekat dengan siapa saja dan memiliki teman di mana mana.
Kamu, tipe orang yang sangat selektif dalam menentukan siapa saja orang yang berhak masuk dalam kehidupan kamu.
You, arrogant, egoistic, self-centered? May be, but not always. Mungkin dari situ nampak jelas sekali we both live in a different type of world. But as time flew by, I now know what I didn’t know then. Alasan km cukup logis.
Why waste time with the person who thinks one way? Sometimes I put too much pressure being nice to everyone and not getting any good feed backs from them. Menyakitkan? Sangat.
But when I’m with you? Not likely. Friendship works both ways.
Ketika kamu sudah percaya aku. Kamu bisa memperlakukan aku berlipat-lipat lebih baik ketika aku hanya bersikap baik kepada kamu. Kamu gak mungkin membuat aku semakin menangis ketika aku membutuhkan sandaran seorang sahabat. One thing about you, you always make me laugh my ass off when i’m at my worst condition. The power of Ias’s words. :D
You’re definately one mirror that never lies and I was always thankful with what I have with you. A simple friendship with an amazing adventure.
Terima kasih, sahabat.
Dan terima pelukan.
Your one and only,
Sekar Tanjung.

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